Phase 1

AirDrop 60%

Get SPACEX Trending on twitter with our memetic power

Phase 2

Launching the SPACEX project

Build community influence exceeding 100,000+ people

Continuing to airdrop the remaining 24% of tokens.

Phase 3

Make SPACEX price skyrocket to the moon

Becoming a huge pump, allowing everyone to earn money

Let SpaceX explore more fields.


At last 84% of the tokens are directly airdropped to incentivize community users, with the remaining 15% allocated for listing on exchanges, and developers holding only 1% of the tokens. SPACEX is a purely MEME coin, with the majority of tokens being airdropped, lacking a specific development roadmap. The future development of the community will be determined by the community itself, and it can evolve in any direction. Anyone holding tokens can imbue it with a new narrative. Just like the desire for human exploration, in this universe, everything unknown can serve as an object of our curiosity.

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